2007 Alexander Valley Vineyards Redemption Zin

We enjoyed our last bottle of Alexander Valley Vineyards Redemption Zin last night. We love a big Zin and this one is no slouch.

While I found spice, anise and currant in the nose and a deep blackberry, raisin through a moderate finish my wife sensed some tobacco, pepper and smoke as well. I would bet this wine captures all of the above in a bold, robust zin. I may overuse these terms bold and robust but in this case, they apply 100%.

It has a deep color as well which doesn’t mean all that much other than it is full bodied (more likely medium) but in comparison to some other Zins, this is full. We prefer full bodied, badass wines over light bodied,  less powerful varietals but there is more to life than a full bodied red. Okay, maybe not. In any case, we are disappointed we cleaned out our stock on this one. We will just have to drink some other beauties we have from Sonoma!


Stryker Sonoma - Our Own Private #CabernetDay

One of the highlights of our trip to Sonoma was having our own private #CabernetDay at Stryker Sonoma Winery. Here’s the background on how we were treated to our private tasting by Brian Shapiro, Media/Marketing for Stryker Sonoma.

We decided prior to leaving PA for Sonoma that we would try to attend the #CabernetDay event being held at Stryker Sonoma on September 1, 2011. We were going to meet many friends there, taste some great Cabernet’s and enjoy our first night in Alexander Valley in style. I go online to secure the tickets required for the blogger/social media session from 5-7pm. No tickets left. I immediately email the event organizer and request permission to attend. Brian responded with an open invitation stating there’s always room for more.

To make a long story short, our departure was delayed 4 hours on 9/1 so we did not check into our rental until after 6pm. We had no way to make it to the event at this point. So, we opted for a Costco pizza and a bottle of Simi Cabernet (our contribution to #CabernetDay). This was fine but not the way we planned to start out our wine country vacation.

The next day we start our wine tasting at Clos du Bois and then planned to head over to Stryker and Alexander Valley Vineyards. Since we missed the Cab event we thought we should stop over anyway and see what Stryker had to offer. We arrive at the beautiful tasting room, taste several fabulous wines including the Rockpile and Estate Cabs, the Monte Rosso Cab Franc and I am tweeting away about these wines.

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A gentleman interrupts our tasting to ask if I was @sonomavine. He had been monitoring Stryker mentions on Twitter and recognized me from our email exchange the day before. Of course he introduced himself as Brian and we had a chuckle about the coincidental nature of our encounter. After chatting for a moment, Brian invited my wife and I to taste a few of the wines that were left from the #CabernetDay event the previous night.

Over the course of the next hour we tasted a dozen spectacular wines from several great wineries. I snapped what seemed to be a never ending stream of bottle photos on Instagram; complete with re-tweets of reminiscence (@JordanWinery). We talked social media, #CabernetDay, who we are and where we are from and had one of the most memorable wine tastings. We feel truly privileged to have had this experience courtesy of Brian.

Our unique experience did not stop there. We made sure to catch up with Brian at the Stryker Sonoma table at Taste. I’ll be sure to tell you more about this in an upcoming post about Taste of Sonoma.

It’s going on three weeks now since our visit. Time flies! I maintain regular contact with Brian and several of my new friends. I recognize many of the places everyone is tweeting about. Thank you United for the 4 hour delay.

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